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Isnin, 16 Julai 2012

Is your computer mouse double clicking on its own? Here's a fix!

Recently I've run into a small, yet very annoying problem with my computer mouse. For the past two years, I've had some kind of Logitech mouse that's worked like a charm- it has a 6 month battery life (or two, if I forget to shut it off at night), it's comfortable, and the USB can fit into a pocket on the underside for travelling. Last week, however, it began to execute a double click at random after I had clicked once. I could no longer rely on it- it would be as frequent as 1 in 2 clicks.
This is a common problem with mice, particularly Logitech mice, and there are many different "solutions" floating around the web. Thank god I have no background in the mechanical side of technology, or I might have taken the whole thing apart. But that route is unnecessary, as I recently discovered two fixes that seem to work for many people.

1. The "anyone can do" fix (suggested on the Logitech help site):

Unplug the USB, take out the batteries, and blow under the crack of the left mouse button. Click both buttons for 30 seconds to remove static electricity, then give it another blow. Then, try the mouse out. If it doesn't work the first time, try one more time.

If you're still stuck, proceed to #2.

#2. The "need to know what an internet is" fix (suggested on a geek forum):

I happened upon this download yesterday that provided a temporary solution to the problem and, if #1 hadn't worked, would've satisfied me enough to not buy a new mouse. It's a downloadable application that uses some kind of voodoo to block the mouse from double clicking when you don't want it to. I'd say it works about 80% of the time, which was enough for me. As I found a better solution rather quickly, I don't know if this is a one-time download or if you need to start it up every time you power on your computer/mouse.
The application seemed to work for everyone who tried it. For anyone who doesn't believe my voodoo theory, I don't have a background in technology (or anything, really), so that explanation is enough for me to trust it.

Credit to : leafydebater

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